One of The Biggest Battles That I have Within My Business is Lenders, & Here's How I Deal With It

Sep 22, 2022

Lender play a huge part in your home buying process. A lot of first time home buyers really don't realize that. I mean think about it. The lender has the money you need. Without their money we can't get financing. This is why it is very important to choose the right lender.

I recommend you apply with at least 3 different lenders because different lenders offer different things. You should also receive a cost estimate sheet based off your pre approval. This estimate sheet is exactly what it sounds like. An ESTIMATE. It will tell you how much money you may need to purchase a home at your purchase price. 

There are a series of questions I have to ask lenders all the time. When I am representing the seller or the buyer. So please make sure you ask questions upfront. Don't be afraid the ask the lender:

Have you pulled my credit?

Do you have a desktop underwriting approval?

What programs do I qualify for?

How much time do you need to close?

Have you verified my employment?

Have you verified my assets?

These are all very important questions. Please be sure to ask.