It's Time You Learn to fix your credit ON YOUR OWN!

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  1. How to calculate your outstanding balance
  2. Installment and Revolving Accounts
  3. How to know when accounts are reporting
  4. Different Scores for Different Lines of Credit
  5. Credit Monitoring
  6. 11 Tips on Building Your Credit 
  7. Collection Agencies 
  8. The Ideal Score for 2020
  9. Paying on Old Accounts
  10. Authorized Users
  11. How to Fight Collection Agencies
  12. Timelines for negative items
  13. Credit Mix Up
  14. Credit Inquiries
  15. Tips on Paying Down Debt Faster
  16. Student Loans and Credit
  17. Secrets on Medical Collections
  18. Things You need to dispute accounts
  19. How to Get Over Your Debt
  20. Ways to trust yourself with mone

Don't Forget to Credit Like Crazy!

If you are looking to purchase a home you will learn that the first step is CREDIT! Are you credit challenged? If so, it's time to CREDIT LIKE CRAZY! I will be teaching you exactly how to understand your credit, fight collection agencies, improve your credit, and more! 


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